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theCountyRecorder TM


theCountyRecorder is Land Records Management and Public Document Recording system. It includes everything needed to run a recording business, all in one simple to understand product package. We also provide services and tools for your Customers. theCountyRecorder truely is a complete, all encompassing solution.

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  • Our pricing is very reasonable, with substantial cost savings to our customers compared to competitors
  • tcrRecorder is incredibly easy to use, little training of Staff is needed
  • Dual monitor support for high Staff productivity
  • We provide fabulous service and are #1 in Support
  • Internet search and data services will make your Customers happy
  • We provide theCountyRecorder as a County-wide solution at no additional cost, which make's other county Offices and departments happy
  • Our disastery recovery plan and off-site data storage will keep you worry free
  • Our goal is to make You Happy


The main component, tcrRecorder, is used by County Recorder's and Registar's of Deeds to manange Public records. tcrRecorder is used to record Public documents and process them into the recording system. It includes a powerful search engine and built-in document viewer that is simple and intutive to use. After all quickly and easily locating recorded documents is what this business is all about.

Here are some of the highlights of theCountyRecorder:

  • Digital Recording of Documents
  • Powerful Document Search
  • Electronic Recording (eRecording) included
  • Internet Public Search
  • Integrated Imaging
  • Cashiering and Accounts Management
  • Personal Information Redaction
  • Disaster Recovery & Off-Site Data Storage
  • Data and Image Archive
  • System Maintenance & Support

Support & Maintenance

Our support is the best in the industry. Don't take our word, ask our customers for an unbiased opinion. We're confident they will have very postive things to say. Here is our Customer List (PDF), we urge to to contact them.

Maintenance includes:

  • Toll-free phone support
  • Remote access for Staff training and server maintenance
  • Software updates
  • No additional or hidden costs