Saul's Creek Engineering


Short Story of Saul's Creek Engineering

Saul’s Creek Engineering was founded in February 1996 as a software consulting business. Our customers were spread around Colorado with a wide range of needs and processes.

Along the way we came in contact with the Saguache County Sheriff's Office. They needed a better method of managing process service and traffic citations. Following discussions with the Sheriff's Office we decided to develop our own products. processTrek and citeTrek were created. We began marketing these two products nationally with some success.

One of our consulting clients had a recording product and hired us to help maintain it and support their customers. In 1999 we began working with County Recorder Office's in Arizona and Colorado. By 2001 it was clear our client was going to abandon their recording product. From the previous three years experience we realized we could create a better recording solution for ourselves. Our new product called theCountyRecorder was born.

By the end of 2001 we stopped accepting consulting work and focused all our time on theCountyRecorder. Starting at that point in time all our emphasis was on our customers and our products.

Our business has changed, adapted and grown over the years but our goal has always been the same. To provide quality solutions to our customers with the greatest value possible.