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Citation Management Solution

citeTrek is a software tool that assists in implementing guidelines of the Colorado "model traffic code". More simply put, it automates tracking of citations issued within your jurisdiction.

Enter citation data and the system will then automatically track all events relating to each ticket. citeTrek creates the reports that are critical to the operation of your Office. Reports indicating total citations issued, unpaid tickets, citations ready to be sent to Court and payments received.

A Statistics report shows which officers or deputies have issued citations. It also shows a location summary where tickets where issued, this can be very helpful in planning staffing and creating a plan for managing traffic offenses.

citeTrek Image Gallery

Click image to view citeTrek Picture Gallery.

citeTrek Image Gallery

Click image to view citeTrek Picture Gallery.


  • Track issued citations
  • Identify unpaid citations
  • Indicates when unpaid citations should be sent to court
  • List of charges including section, code, fine and points
  • Locate citation by number or defendant name
  • Statistics show arresting deputy/officer and location

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Our citeTrek Price Sheet (PDF) is available for download. Please contact our office if you have questions or wish to make a purchase.

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